Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothin much to say

I've been trying to come up with something to write about that might be even REMOTELY interesting today. However, I can't think of one single thing.

Wait! Yesterday at work I told a woman (nicely) that we couldn't take Canadian coins (really, who doesn't know that anymore? Anyway...) and she got totally ticked off, threw the coin down on my counter said, "what the f***, money is money" and proceeded to just be really ugly about it. Mostly I didn't say anything just acknowledged her frustration and she paid and went away. Thank goodness, everyone else yesterday was really nice!

Laynee finally told what her name is. Of course, I was at work and missed it, but I did get the full story. To bring you up to speed, up until yesterday whenever she was asked her name she would point at herself and say, "ME!" Really quite cute. Well, we have been trying to get her to say her actual name. Yesterday in the car, Brother (mine) asked her what her name was and she pointed to Kylee and said her name and it went on like that around the car. When she finally got to herself, she put her hand on her forehead (apparently she has some of her sister's drama!) and said, "Laynee!" We are all so proud that she finally knows who she is! LOL

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day today!

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Loriann said...

Hey Heather,
Just ramblings is ok too. (O:
Besides it is what moms are supose to do.... My girls say I just talk to much and nothing really makes sense to them either way. Aren't they so "cute"...
Anyways, we hope that all are well with you and the girls... We pray for you all daily, Hannah said that you are her secret family.... which means that this whole month she prays for your family... Cool! What a sweet girl I have... Hannah and Sarah pick a family each week to pray for, and your family was Hannahs. Sarah's secret family is Mindy's crew at Lady bug farm... I thought that was cool too.... Have a blessed week. Lori and crew