Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fun and work

For the last few days I have been having quite a good time. Tuesday morning I was running around after taking Kylee to school, dropping off apartment and job applications. I was listening to my new favorite radio station, Gator Country, and had tried to win tickets to see Sugarland here in Jacksonville this week. Of course, I couldn't get through. While I was waiting for one of the places to unlock their doors, I had another opportunity to call in and be a contestant on "battle of the sexes". I called and the first time it was busy. The second time I dialed, I got through...Oops! That wasn't supposed to happen! I got all nervous as the DJ is asking me all my demographic information...I was going up against a guy who had been winning for like a week or more! Long story short, I beat the guy. I was pretty excited! When you win "battle of the sexes", you get to keep playing til somebody beats you. So, they called yesterday and I played and won again! Hooray! This morning they called and everything was going really great. The category was coorporations and their associated coorporate color. I was on a roll. Of course, so was he, but I was feeling confident, knew my answers as well as his. Then, they asked me the color associated with Jack Daniels. I hesitated...I only had 5 seconds to answer and I just couldn't remember (don't really drink much and when I do I like Tequila...I think that's gold, right?). So, out of desperation, I answered "red". Well, black was the answer and my opponent's next question was the color associated with Coca Cola. How fair is that? EVERYONE knows what Coke's color is! lol So, I lost. But, it was fun while it lasted and I really enjoyed getting to know the 3 morning show hosts! They are great!

Also, I am now employed and very relieved to know that I can finally make a contribution to this household. Nothing wears on me worse than knowing that I have to depend on someone else to make ends meet. It's very disheartening for a woman who has been pretty much independent since 18! But, I also know that God is in control and He is guiding me on this wild journey called life. Better Him than me!


Mindy said...

Oh it's so great that you got a job! I know how much that has been wearing on you =)

And congrats on winning on the radio! I always want to call in, but I'm too chicken =)


Heather said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure I called in mostly because I was sure that I wouldn't get through! As soon as he answered I thought to myself, "maybe I should just hang up or just request a song instead"! lol You should totally call in because it is kinda cool when you get to win something! Lucy!