Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been Tagged!

Well this should be fun! Mindy at Ladybug Farm (my cousin who rocks!) tagged me last week and unfortunately I was too busy to play. But, I am determined to play today before I go do the after school pick-up and head to work!

Here are the rules:

Share seven random or weird book facts about yourself.

Then tag 7 other people. Notify them that they have been tagged and sit back and enjoy reading random and weird stuff about about them =) Fun right!?

1. I like thrillers, books set in old times from our "old west" to prehistoric native America to the time when Rome was ruling the world, and WELL WRITTEN love stories.
2. I love to read books over and over...I used to have so many by Dean Koontz that I couldn't even remember if I HAD read them before...that's always fun!
3. I have recently discovered the joy in reading classic novels like, "Grapes of Wrath", "Northwest Passage", and currently, "The Robe". I never had to read any of the classics in high school which I think is okay because now I appreciate them.
4. I like BIG, long novels. I will read shorter ones if I have to, but only until I can get my hands on a BIG one!
5. I don't like reading hardbacks. They are too cumbersome. Give me a paperback any day!
6. If I am reading a really good book, I sometimes find myself dreading the end because I am so caught up in the story and characters that ending the book is like saying goodbye to a friend.
7. Most nights, the only way I can fall asleep is to read until I can't remember what I just read in the sentence before.

That was fun! Now I don't know of 7 other people to tag, so I will just tag a few of the blogs that I routinely follow.

Here are my choices:

Angie at Keep Believing who is a mother of two and wife to an amazing husband who is fighting brain cancer. Visit her to let her know we are all thinking of her.
"Texan Mama" at Who Put Me in Charge of These People? whose blog always makes me laugh
Heather and Tiffany at The Secret is in the Sauce whose blog I think brings women together and through whom I have found many GREAT blogs!

Have Fun! And to all of my non-bloggy friends out their, I would love to hear your 7 strange book facts on my comments page!


Pink Ink said...

Clever, making this into a book themed tag. I love suspense and historical novels, too. And love stories suck me right in.

So I guess my most favorite kind of book would be a suspenseful historical romance.

Saw you at SITS :-)

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting! I always wondered if there was anyone else out there reading! lol