Monday, November 3, 2008

Daily Grind

Well, there is certainly nothing exciting going on here today. Pretty much same stuff, different day. When I sit back and think about it, though my daily grind really isn't boring.

I get up at 6:30 with the girls and get Kylee ready for school. Most days I am showering and getting ready for my day also, otherwise I don't get a shower until WAY too late in the day! During my shower, Kylee is getting dressed and brushing her hair in our bedroom while Laynee is safely locked away in her crib. We usually have the portable DVD player going with some Barbie movie to minimize the amount of fighting. Then we have the getting ready to get out the door routine. "Kylee get shoes and socks on, is your backpack ready?" "Laynee, COME HERE and get your shoes on. Leave Kylee alone!" "Kylee come here, we still haven't done your hair yet."

Then the comparatively peaceful drive to school. With the radio on the girls are usually happily listening to the music or whatever else is going on. We rarely have too many squabbles during this time!

When we get to school, I pull up in front and Kylee unhooks, kisses and hugs me, does the same for her sister and I tell her to have a good day, "I love you!" Then it is just me and Laynee.

At home, I spend time checking email, checking out Laynee's suspicious silences and trying to keep her occupied. At around 11:00 she is hungry and ready for lunch and so am I because lunch means nap time is very near! After lunch she goes down for her nap and I am left to the relative quiet of the house. Depending on how much I got done while Laynee was up, I do some more job and apartment hunting, check my favorite blogs and email and then sit down and watch some TV. That is, if there isn't a bunch of housework to do!

By 2:30 it is time to pick up Kylee from school so I get Laynee's shoes back on, grab her a snack if she is just getting up and off we go again! At school we wait in line until Kylee is released to come to the car and then I ask her about her day. Some days I get to hear all about it. Most days she just keeps it pretty much a secret. If pushed she will say to me, "the same as always," rather sarcastically. So, I have decided that if she wants to tell me, she will, if not, it's no big deal.

Back at home Kylee has a snack before starting homework. Laynee is so glad to see Kylee that she usually has to have a snack too just so she can sit at the table with her big sister. After snack, Kylee retires to the office and shuts the door to do her homework. On a lucky day, Laynee does not repeatedly open the door to keep bugging poor Kylee. Most days, Kylee just plugs away at her homework all by herself and is finished within an hour.

This is when it gets really wild! Laynee is sooooooooooo excited that "Sissy" finally gets to play with her and sometimes they are so noisy together that I can barely even hear myself think. They race madly through the house, scream and yell, then fight a little. Then they fight some more and when I intervene there is even more crying and whining. But, in just seconds they are back playing and having a great time. This often involves dancing, singing, and Laynee riding Kylee like a horse.

I am once again looking forward to meal time because that means the end is in sight and the night is going to get quieter. After dinner, Laynee has a bath and gets ready for bed. Kylee has a shower and gets ready for bed. Depending on the hour, they do some more playing with each other and Aunt "Mimi" and Uncle "Papa". When it is time for bed, I carry Laynee to her crib after she has hugged and kissed everyone, even some of the dogs! Then we have our little bedtime prayer and our own hugs and kisses. Afterwards, I go to Kylee's bed and we read a story after which we say our prayers and have hugs and kisses. I think bedtime might be the best time of day with all those hugs and kisses going around!

A couple of hours later, it is time for me to go to bed and I am ready! After about 7 hours, it all starts again...

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Mindy said...

I'm tired just reading all that! Sigh... the life of a Mom =) Sometimes it all feels like work doesn't it, except for all the hugs and kissed that is =)