Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

Hello all! Thanksgiving here was fabulously quiet and relaxed! I got to hang with my girls and Trixy and I took turns preparing our dishes in the kitchen. I thought that really the best way to tell about our day would be to share photos with you. Our day started off with Laynee wearing Uncle Papa's boots...
As you can see, she has to hold them up just to keep them on!


Roxy also wanted in on the fun, but before you think, "Aw how cute, she's posing," don't be fooled...I was holding a toy as well as the camera!

She REALLY wants that toy!

And here is Kylee in her mangled hat!

See how big their muscles are?

I REALLY want to get dooown. (Laynee, by the way, ate maybe 6 bites of Thanksgiving dinner and you can see how she entertained herself while the rest of us ate!)

Don't those cheeks squish up great!?

Beautiful Kylee

Mikey, the girls and me


DeenaL said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures--everyone looks good! Glad your Thanksgiving was nice, so was ours. I will email you a picture of me & Gigi in a few days. John took a really good picture of us on Thanksgiving. Love ya!

Loriann said...

Hi, so glad you had a blessed day!
Love the cute pictures... I need to take more pictures, hopefully "Santa" will get mommy a new digital camera for christmas... we'll see. (O:
Have a blessed week! Loriann and the girls....