Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bath Day with Roxy

Roxy Lou

Holy Smokes! It has been more than a week since I last blogged! I did get on and start a new post on Monday but then accidentally closed the window and just decided to try again later!

A lot has happened in the last 9 days. One thing I thought I would share with you was the day that Roxy got a very short hair cut. Naturally, the day after I cut her hair, it got cold here and she was freezing. Poor baby! But she was getting too long for me to keep groomed with all that I have going on so I clipped her. I even trimmed her face hair short because it gets so smelly so fast when it is long. It certainly has taken some getting used to seeing her with so little hair! But she is still my cute little Roxy. My brother says she looks like a little old lady...He's kind of right :~)

Now, we have a little routine around here when it comes to bathing. Usually I am nice to my clippers and clip her AFTER she's bathed, but this time I did it the other way around. Roxy always acts like the world is coming to an end DURING her baths. AFTER her bath is a totally different story. She loves it and it is so obvious that she feels GREAT! She loves to rub and roll around after I release her from the towel and prefers to do it on some sort of furniture. Since I'm not crazy about the idea of her shedding water all over the furniture, quite some time ago I decided that I would much rather have her on the floor doing it. Suffice to say that a towel is NOT an acceptable place to roll. She prefers my quilt, which is fine by me, she sleeps on my bed with me after all! So, I turn her loose, spread the blanket and she goes to town rubbing, rolling and shaking!

As I said, she was very cold for a few days and I think she was feeling a little violated to be so naked. But, the weather has warmed up a bit here - it got to about 80* here yesterday! - so Roxy has warmed up a good bit! Meanwhile, home in MT it has been -20*. That I DON'T miss! :~)
She has also adjusted to her new "do" and it is starting to grow out just a little bit. Hair or no hair, she is forever our Roxy and we love her!

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DeenaL said...

Roxy is cute with or without hair! What a dog. Mia reminds me so much of Roxy--she is always wagging her tail just like Rox. I need to trim all my dogs too, but can't go quite as short with -20 degree weather:).