Monday, December 8, 2008

Teeth and Music

Already today I have been to the dentist and had a tooth pulled. SIGH! But, I know that once my mouth doesn't hurt anymore from the actual extraction, I will feel much better. And, the dentist also delivered some GREAT news. One tooth that another dentist was sure would need a root canal, might just need a filling. That would be wonderful, because root canals cost somewhere in the $2200 - $2500 range. The filling would be $140. I think I could actually manage that.

The tooth came out all in one piece and it was really cool to see. It looked just like an animated picture of a tooth, only this one wasn't dancing around and smiling! lol Of course, for those who are less into gross, bloody, bodily things, it probably wouldn't have been all that cool to see. Truth be told? I would probably have brought it home if they would have let me! Isn't that just sick?!

I was just visiting Mindy over at Ladybug Farm and she was talking about her passions. She invited others to comment on their passions as well. I confessed that I have become totally addicted to purses/bags and that I also love shoes. But, my biggest passion is most definitely music. The right melody can soothe my soul when it is hurting, perfect harmony boosts my spirits when I they are low, and a favorite CD adds just the right touch to even the most perfect day.

What I have discovered, is that I have put my passion on the back burner. And not just a little, like I don't listen or play as often as I used to, but A LOT. That makes me so sad. How much brighter would my days be and lighter would my burdens feel if I would just spend 30 minutes indulging in my passion? I desire to create music and am quite successful when I try. But, I have been refusing to give this beautiful art the time and dedication that it so deserves. I believe God has given me this amazing gift and talent and it seems such a shame not to be using it even if it is just for my own entertainment. And, at least He will be blessed by the noise I make!

So, I would like to invite all of you to indulge in your passions this week. Can't find 30 minutes? Fine! Take 10. But, I encourage you all to try it and let me know what it does for you. I intend to give it a shot and see how it improves my life. Good luck and have FUN!


DeenaL said...

I, too, love music and have not been spending time playing my guitar and singing. There are days when I feel motivated, but then I never follow through. Maybe we can challenge each other to indulge in our passion?!? Spend a little bit of time everyday playing and singing. Music truly does "bless my soul."

Mindy said...

Ahhhh music!! I LOVE music!! Hey, we must be related!! LOL

I have an award for you over at my place ;)