Friday, January 2, 2009

Highlights from 2008

Hello all and a Happy New Year! I was asked several times at work New Year's Eve day if I was ready for the new year. I replied that I was ready for anything new and still feel that way. I believe that this year is going to be awesome even as our nation faces some huge and frightening changes. I know that when Mr. Obama was elected president this last November, I was pretty emotional about the whole thing. I wondered what we (as a nation) had gotten ourselves into and felt a great deal of fear and uncertainty. However, as I began to process this great change by talking to friends and just thinking it out myself, I realized that God hasn't forgotten or forsaken us nor is he punishing us. He knew this would be the outcome before we even knew who Barack Obama, Senator from Illinios, was. I began to get excited and realized that with Obama's different ideas and desire for radical change, God could do some really amazing things in the next four years! So, please continue to pray with me this year for our leaders as we prepare to face a year frought with change and "firsts".

Okay, now that I have gone off on my unplanned little rabbit trail, here are some photo highlights from this last year. I thought that this would be a fun way to look back over 2008. Unfortunately, I don't have access to my photos from early in the year, but many of our adventures really took place late last summer and fall...Enjoy!

JustWe3 was so excited this April when Roxy had her first, and sadly last, litter of puppies. This here is Milly, short for Milagra which is Spanish for Miracle. She was the C-Section puppy that was born not breathing or moving. I got to assist with the surgery and part of my "job" was to take care of the puppy when it was born. So, I got to resuscitate Milly and now she is a very healthy happy little girl. What a great time those puppies were!

Summer, or late spring rather, came with my brother and sister-in-law, M and T, visiting MT. We visited Glacier National Park, where my Mom, a MT native had NEVER been before, and Yellowstone National Park as well. The above picture is myself, T, Mom, Laynee and Kylee at our cabin in Glacier.

M and T at McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park. M hadn't been to Montana for 20+ years and this was a FIRST for T. She loved it and was thrilled to be able to see every type of weather MT has to offer.

This day started out sunny followed by wind and rain which turned into a full blown thunderstorm, complete with hail. As we headed deeper into Yellowstone National Park towards Old Faithful Geyser, the weather further disintegrated into sleet, ending in a mild snowstorm. T was fascinated by the snow and couldn't get enough pictures! This one is truly awesome, it looks like the majestic buffalo is wearing a crown of snow.

Princess Kylee and I. We had just walked down to get a closer look of a black bear and her 3 cubs. What a treat! Though I have been to Yellowstone more times than I can count, this was my FIRST wild bear sighting!

Here are two of my girls just waking up from a nap on our looooonnnnnggggg trip to FL.

Here is Kylee on that same trip.

Laynee lounging in the honestly, what better reason is there to move to FL?!

Kylee's first day of 2nd grade, new school, new state.

Lawnmower rides in the backyard.

Halloween, Laynee as always soooo cooperative when it comes to taking photos!

Laynee turned TWO years old and got her first "bike".

Kylee in her elf hat at her Christmas program.

One of my favorite pictures from our Christmas photo shoot OUTSIDE in December!

Wishing all of you a very happy 2009 filled with many blessings and adventures~


Mindy said...

What a FUN year y'all have had!! =) This is a GREAT idea! I LOVE it...
and I LOVE you girlies!! Hugs and kisses all around =)

Mindy said...

Joni DID get me "The Shack". I haven't read it yet as I just finished up Annie's book, then the book I put on my blog and last night I started Inkheart (because it was in my bedside table, within reach when I finished "Thin is the..."). but The Shack is DEFINITELY next! I can't wait!

They did a whole article on the Author in one of my Writer magazines. It's pretty interesting! They call him the "Accidental Author" because originally he wrote this as a Christmas gift for family members. Then someone passed it along to the right person and walla! It was published and a HUGE hit!

I'm very excited to read it!!

(By the way, Inkheart is a wonderful book!!)

DeenaL said...

I loved all the pictures you shared. The picture of Laynee and Kylee being pulled by Uncle Bucky is priceless. I clicked on it and enlarged and Laynee has the biggest grin on her face. Thanks for sharing! You have gotten to do a lot of great things in Florida. We will have to make sure we try to do lots of fun things when you come home to Montana!