Sunday, January 11, 2009

11 Days

Well, here I am now, just counting down the days. Most of our things are still packed since we never made it as far as getting our own place, so what little packing there is can wait until the last few days. So, it seems that all there is for me to do, is to count the days.

I have been in touch with an elementary school for Kylee just a few blocks from where we will be living and know all that I will need to get her enrolled. Her current school has also been informed. She is bummed mostly that she will not get to see her classroom's baby chicks hatch. The first day back from Christmas break, "Mr. Andy" delivered 7 eggs to her classroom and told them all about egg fertilization and how to care for the eggs in the egg incubator. They are keeping a daily journal as well. Unfortunately for Kylee, we are moving a little less than a week before they hatch.

It seems that there is nothing really important to say. On top of preparing to move back, my family at home is going through the struggle of watching what appears to be my Grandma's last days. She has battled Emphysema for the last 10-11 years and has done it with such grace. We nearly lost her on her 72nd birthday, Halloween of 2007, but we were given the miracle of one more year with her. She has done remarkably well during this last year, but suddenly last Friday took a turn for the worse. Saturday, in her typical fashion, she seemed to rally, but today is far worse than she was even on Friday. My heart is heavy with the knowledge that I can't be there to say good-bye or to help carry the load. I wonder if she will hang on until I get home. I wonder if I will get home in time for the funeral if she doesn't, which seems the most likely scenario. I long to see her face one more time, to hold her hand, just to be in her presence. But, if it means that she would suffer just one minute longer for me to have just one last moment with her, I would gladly give that last moment up. It is my prayer and hope that she moves gently from this world to her home in Heaven and that she has no regrets for her life well lived.

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