Thursday, January 1, 2009

Finally, Christmas Pictures!

Kylee in the kitchen (day before Christmas) helping me bake my favorite "Christmas" cookies, Russian Teacakes

Scoop up the dough, roll it in a ball then roll in powdered sugar

Christmas morning began at a fairly reasonable hour with both girls opening gifts

Kylee holding up her new nightgown from Nana with a bathrobe hanging limply in the other hand! Contrary to what the picture may show, she LOVES them both!

Laynee in her "ballerina" dress-up dress holding the Mega Blocks her Daddy sent...she hasn't stopped playing with them since!

Roxy in her bells eating her Christmas cookie and LOVIN' it!

So, in a house full of females and only one male, do you see anything wrong with this picture? Apparently, my brother - who actually knows at least a little about a lot of stuff - is the resident wiggery expert. He is seen here helping Kylee apply and brush her brand new Hannah Montana wig. He is also filling her in on the proper way to store and care for her wig!

Roxy, chillin' after all that Christmas work on Laynee's new cuddle bear, also from Daddy. Sissy was also the proud recipient of an identical bear. Both girls just love them. These bears have foux fleece lined pockets so that they can keep thier hands warm when cuddling with their bears. What a great idea!

Beach babies, beach babies, here on the sand

They were so thrilled with the holes they were digging and this one was the best yet, big enough for them both to stand and splash in! When I wasn't taking pictures of the girls, I was looking for some fun shells to use in beading. I have discovered that I can make some pretty fun jewelery with the shells I pick up and regular beads. I'm still working out a few little glitches...

Hope you enjoyed our Christmas photo gallery as much as we enjoyed our day. Check back tomorrow for a 2008 review in photos!

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Loriann said...

Hey Heather and girls,
How cool! Did you make lots of jewelry? Cool idea... I was thinking, and I have a question for you... do you have paper and colors? Let the girls make cards or pictures, then send them to someone random... we sometimes just pick a person on our street, or hand them out to the lady at the checkout counter, or the mailman... it is doing something to cheer someone else up.. we never know what struggle someone is going through....
just a thought... We are the same way, not able to do for others much, we have found that when we do even small things for others, with God as our guide, He blesses and aboundantly provides for us. It also helps us to remember to pray for others who may have it worse than we do... Hope that you have a great week...
Much Love and Prayers,