Monday, March 2, 2009


After what has been several long weekends of sorting through the memories of my Gramms' life, we are nearly finished.

The girls and I have been sleeping at Gramms' house when we go over to help Mom and this weekend it seemed so strange. Mom, Aunt Cheri and I have been sorting through things for weeks now and finally we are ready for the sale. The house is set up so that everything is neatly displayed and there are prices on many items.

It is so strange to see the life of this very vibrant woman reduced to this. It feels very surreal. I never realized what all was involved in the aftermath of the death of a loved one. So much remains to be taken care of. There are items in that house that speak of a woman that I scarcely knew.

I have always known that my Gramms was a dancer and a teacher of dance. What I didn't know was the dedication and time that went into the preparation of the programs she put on with her students. Gramms would write the music out, by hand, after figuring it out by ear on the piano. She had notes and notes about each section of the program. She was so creative. I just never knew.

In her spare bedroom, she had a drawer full of beads. Obviously there was a time in her life where she spent a great deal of time beading and making gifts for people. There are many other craft items that were in that same dresser and it is so amazing to see all the things she used to do. I remember that she used to crochet, but that's really all that I remember her doing in a "crafty" fashion.

As we sort through her many possessions, a plethora of treasures have also emerged. She has a house filled with antiques that are very inconspicuous. Mom has spent countless hours researching these things online. We have been very surprised at the gems she has discovered!

Without a doubt, it has been a blessing to be a part of this process with Mom and Aunt Cheri. Without Cheri (Gramms sister) so much history would have been lost simply because we did not know the stories behind a great deal in the house. So many of the items we have come across carry with them very fond and lasting memories. I guess that is what makes seeing her life priced for sale so difficult. My memories of my heroine on display being sold to complete strangers.

Next weekend will be a very difficult weekend for all of us. Emotions will be churning just below the surface as we conduct business. At the same time, it will bring with it some closure to the death of one so deeply loved. I just ask that as you go about your business next weekend, you will remember us for just a brief moment and send up a prayer for strength and courage as we take another step in saying goodbye to Frankie Lou.


DeenaL said...

You reduced me to tears this morning. I love you.

Mindy said...

This is beautifully written. I'm sad that I couldn't be there to help you girls out and to hear some of the stories. I miss Gramms so much and think about her daily.

I love you!!