Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Kylee...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Kyleeeeeeeee
Happy Birthday to you!

Yes, that's right. There is a birthday in the house today. My sweet Kylee turns 8 years old today!

I'm always amazed at the number of years that have passed since that crazy day 8 years ago when the doctor told me that we would have to deliver my baby 3 months early. I thought he was nuts! I just didn't feel well, Kylee was fine...silly doctor!

It was about this time that day (8:30), which happened to be a Saturday, that I was just arriving at St. Vincent's hospital via airplane. Two hours later my little tiny Kylee was born at a whopping 1 pound 10.5 ounces and 13.5 inches long! It was a stormy day and Kylee's dad had not been allowed to fly over with us. He made it just in time for her delivery. My mom made it about two hours later.

She was, and still is, simply my little miracle!

We love you Kylee! Happy Birthday!

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Mindy said...

I was JUST looking at the pictures of Kylee when she was born. She was so tiny... and fragile looking. I remember being so absolutely amazed that a human being so small could thrive and live! I remember holding her and then holding Ben, who was only one month older, and being amazed at the difference. Kylee was like holding a little bird, so light and little. Ben was like holding a baby dinosaur. And he wasn't a very big baby himself!

Happy Birthday Ky!! We love you tons and bunches =)

Love, Auntie Mindy, Uncle Craig, Ben and Logan